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Why MeTips? simple...powerful!!!
There is NO ONE in this WORLD more important to Me...than ME!!!
that's right...

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Metips is a platform for storing and exploring our thoughts. It is a tool for self-discovery.

MeTips is designed to be a tool for people who are ready to take control of their life. It is designed for the person who has decided to take ownership of their life and their destiny.

MeTips is different. We do not store your personal information. This is by design to encourage openness and to minimize risks to the data that is entered.

Life is complex with many issues to solve on a daily basis.
We ask a lot of our mind.
And our mind answers.
But rarely are the answers neatly packaged.
More often the answer comes in bits and pieces.

MeTips allows us to capture the answers as they come...whenever they come.

Metips is based on
-Me getting to know me
-Me developing a relationship with me
-Me taking care of me

...recording my thoughts helps me to get to know me
...recording my thoughts also helps me to develop a relationship with me
...the more that i know me and the better my relationship with me the better i can take care of me