MeTips...a product of ThreadForce, Inc.


There is NO ONE in this WORLD more important to Me...than ME!!!

If you are like most of us, the concept of "Me taking care of ME..." is something we think about but rarely do anything about...that is...until "something happens to ME".

Something like what?

Any of a number of things... a date gone bad. an argument with a friend or loved one. someone criticizes us. something very embarrassing happens. ...the list goes on.

For many of us, it is rare that we take time out to take care of ourselves. ...I just don't have time. ...I'll eventually get around to it.

That is...until something happens to us.

MeTips is a program designed to provide real help when something happens to people.

MeTips teaches people about themselves and provides tools that not only deal with something happening, but can also be used to Enhance our be more set and accomplish goals...and truly live a more satisfied life...or better stated...have a more satisfying experience.

We are in the final stages of development of MeTips and would like to introduce our program with a special introductory offer.

MeTips is designed to be priced at the cost of an average self-help book--$17.00 per year. However, as our way of introducing ourselves, we are offering a 90-day introductory special for the price of only $4.99 per year.

Try MeTips TODAY!

When something happens to ME...MeTips provides REAL help.